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3 Helpful Gardening Tips for Novices

October 13, 2012

Among the many hobbies out there, gardening is consistently one of the most popular. It is something that everybody talks about. You’ll find people who are in various stages of the gardening process — some still planning their garden, some waiting for their garden to grow, and some already enjoying their crop. Still, there are those whose gardens are still a dream, and you’re probably one of those people. What are you waiting for, though? A garden is something that anybody can start. A garden can be started at anytime. You can even start your garden in any space, and you’ve got technology to thank for that. That said, there really is nothing keeping you from having a garden, except yourself. If a garden is something you really, really want, the three tips below should help you out.

Dirt, water and light are the three key elements we have always thought were necessary to grow a plant. Then somewhere along the way we grow lima beans in cups and realize that the dirt isn’t even all that important. Believe it or not, there are tons of plans you can follow to grow plants. It is more critical that you supply your plants with the valuable nutrients they will need to prosper; rather the basic design you have chosen to plant them in. There are all sorts of plant foods on the market. By giving your plants food, you are giving them a healthy boost.

Less is more, seriously, particularly if you are just getting started. It’s quite tempting to plant every single thing that you’ve ever wanted to grow…and lots of it. All this does is cause your garden to be overly crowded and confusing. It’s better to get started with just one (two at most) of the things you want to plant. This way you can figure out how well these things will grow for you. This way you can ease into a gardening routine. The only thing going overboard is good for is overwhelming both you and the garden you want to plant. It’s great to be excited about gardening but you should try to be as practical and smart as you can, particularly when it comes to trying to grow plants too.

Water matters in your garden. It is also helpful to know what time is best for watering. Morning time and evening time are the best times to give your garden a drink. Evaporation is most common in the afternoons, when the day is at its hottest, which is why it is a bad idea to water then. Make sure you know how much you should be watering too. Don’t you want to keep your plants alive and not drown them? You want the soil to get wet all the way down to about eight inches. More water than that risks harm.

If you want a successful garden, you’ll need to consider a number of crucial factors. Because there are just so many things you need to learn and understand about gardening and taking care of plants, you might feel intimidated and even a little discouraged in the beginning. If you keep at it, though, you will get there.

The tips in this article should give you a good start. You will see that starting a garden isn’t as hard as you originally thought!

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